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About us

Hi there! This is the landing page of RME, a part of the DisCo research group from University of Zaragoza. RME is composed of people with special interest on security, mainly focused on software and systems security (see our People page to get more information about who we are and what we do!).

If you are interested on security, you may find of interest our blog posts:

Research interests

The RME-DisCo research group is currently focused on the following topics:

  • Program binary analysis
  • Memory forensics analysis
  • RFID/NFC security
  • Internet of Things security
  • Industrial security
  • Security-by-design

A description of our services, research and innovation projects is available in our Research & Innovation projects page. The Tools page points you to our software developments. If you are interested on the publications of our group, visit the Publications page.

Open positions

We are always looking for prospective students having interest in any security-related domain. Check our Open positions page to read more about current open positions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if the current open positions do not fit into your needs!

Furthermore, we are always open to host international MSc. and PhD. students sharing similar research interests. We are always looking for an excuse to organize a tapas-style dinner 🙂