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We are always looking for prospective students having interest in any security-related domain. If you want to work in some of our research interests, mainly focused on software and system security, contact us. The current thesis projects for final-year BSc. students can be found in this link.

If you want to do anything regarding security, don’t hesitate to contact us if the current open projects do not fit into your needs!

We are always open to host international MSc. and PhD. students sharing similar research interests. We offer a friendly, nice, and positive job environment during your short-term research stays. Furthermore, we are always looking for an excuse to organize a tapas dinner πŸ™‚. Just send an email to anyone of our Faculty staff to start the paperwork!

Open job positions

We are sorry to say that currently we have no open job positions πŸ™

[UPDATED: July 24, 2023] We currently have a set of positions open to work with us through the end of 2025 for predoctoral (with master’s degree) or postdoctoral (preferably junior) research staff. The expected start date is November 2023, but we can negotiate this if necessary. Check the open positions below and contact us if you are interested in any of these positions by sending us your CV and a motivation letter (indicate in the email the Ref# of the position you are interested in):

  • REF1: Efficient and Improved Detection of Algorithmically Generated Domains (AGDs): The goal of this project is to study existing AGD detection techniques and develop new, more efficient detection techniques that allow us to identify possible victims of bonets or other malware that use DGA to communicate with the attacker’s servers.
  • REF2: Automatic System for Inference of Grammar and Message Format in Network Protocols: The main goal is the design and development of a software system capable of making automatic inferences both in the protocol grammar and in the message format, considering network traces and application execution.
  • REF3: Integration of Security Micro-Policies in Compilers: The goal of this project is to improve the security of software systems by integrating detailed security micropolicies into the compiler infrastructure.
  • REF4: Cryptoransomware Incident Response: The main goal is the design and development of an analysis system that collects data from running processes, obtained through dynamic analysis and memory forensics, and uses it to detect if the process is a crypto-ransomware and any encryption keys.
  • REF5: LoRaWAN Device Auto-Registration Protocols: The goal of this project is to study registration mechanisms of multiple LoRa devices in LoRaWAN networks that guarantee security in the system against unauthorized device registrations and other possible attacks on the registration protocol.